Research shows thinking about cancer causes cancer

edinburgh uni

Edinburgh University pictured in Autumn

New research from Edinburgh University reveals that simply thinking about cancer may increase the risks of developing cancer by an amount comparable to smoking 30 cigarettes.

The research comes in stark contrast to a study published earlier in the month which suggested that not thinking about cancer was associated with a higher incidence of cancer and poorer long-term outcomes.

The research from Edinburgh showed that simply thinking about someone with cancer, reading the word “cancer”, and being born under the astrological sign of Cancer, were all associated with an increased risk of developing cancer.

The study also suggests that thinking about cancer while eating foods formerly thought to be effective at fighting against cancer, like broccoli and pears, seemed to negate and reverse the cancer fighting properties of these “super foods”, and even amplify the negative effects of thinking about cancer.

The government is set to invest a further £50 million into investigating the link between thinking about cancer and developing cancer, and its thought media restrictions on the repeated use of the word cancer could be introduced at some point.

In the meantime cancer societies will continue to raise money to fund further large-scale studies, as well as trying to undo some of the irreparable damage caused by cancer awareness campaigns.

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    Does this mean i can sue the nhs for there cancer awareness posters/flyers?

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