Richard Littlejohn: ‘Don’t ask me to weep for Holocaust victims. Not after the Jews killed Jesus’

Well he didn't nail himself to it

Richard Littlejohn has come under fire recently for a widely criticised article he wrote in which he argues that sympathy for Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust should be tempered by the culpability of the Jewish people for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The controversial columnist wrote recently:

‘Let me be clear about this. Nobody has a greater sympathy for the suffering of the Jewish people during the Holocaust than I. The Nazis’ so-called ‘Final Solution’ which resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews was one of the greatest crimes of the twentieth century. Nobody, not one single person, could hear the horrific stories of families literally torn apart, children forced to watch their parents murdered, parents forced to watch their children murdered, without feeling the greatest sympathy for these unfortunate people. However, we have to ask ourselves, does that really extinguish the fact that they murdered Jesus Christ?’

He goes on:

‘As a result of the Nazi persecution of Jews in Europe many Jews emigrated to Britain as ‘refugees’. Certainly some of these ‘asylum seekers’ would have genuinely been fleeing persecution, but can we say for sure how many of these people saw this merely as a convenient excuse to enter Britain with a golden ticket for a benefits free-for-all?

‘I recently attended a memorial exhibition to commemorate victims of the Holocaust and was greatly saddened to see the terrible hardship and brutality that so many men, women and children endured during these dark times. The photographs of human beings reduced to mere skeletons through deliberate starvation as well as the many artefacts such as children’s shoes, dolls and toys left by those who were ultimately shipped off to the gas chambers were absolutely heartbreaking and very nearly brought me to tears. However, I then had to ask myself, did those Jews who jeered Jesus as he was whipped and kicked to Golgotha, carrying his own cross feel the same sympathy as I did for those victims? Evidently not, or they wouldn’t have been so happy to see him nailed to the cross and left to die in agony.

All smiles... 'She looks happy enough to me,' says Littlejohn

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ Littlejohn continues, ‘It’s not just the Jews of antiquity that have a case to answer for. The other week I bought a watch from a Jewish bloke down the market and just a few days later the damned thing stopped working completely. I tried replacing the battery but it was completely kaput. Now I had spoken to this man in passing on numerous occasions. However, when I went to return this watch for a refund do you know what he said to me? Go on, guess. He said, ‘sorry mate, I don’t know you.’ Well isn’t that nice. Presumably if the Fourth Reich rose up and was rounding up his people to send to the ghetto he’d be the first to hammer on my door, yarmulke in hand, to beg me to hide him in my attic. I hope he would appreciate the irony as I said, ‘sorry mate, I don’t know you’ before shutting the door in his face.’

Litlejohn hits his stride:

‘Speaking of attics why am I constantly assaulted with the story of of Anne Frank and how ‘tragic’ her life was? Tragic? Give me a break. At least she had a roof over her head. That’s more than can be said for many Falklands veterans forced to sleep rough because local councils care more about housing families of eighteen Afghan asylum seekers who come here with no intention of working or learning English just to leech off soft-touch Britain.

richard littlejohn long can you look at it?

‘Britain has become shamefully obsessed with hysterical hand-wringing and histrionic screeching over any issue, no matter how irrelevant. The stiff upper lip that Britain was once so admired and respected for around the world has been replaced by the limp wrist of liberal histrionic emotional self-indulgence. As long as none of that sympathy is spared for pensioners or Falklands veterans or just white middle-class British people generally of course.

‘God, sorry, I mean Allah forbid anyone should care about someone like old Harold Wilkins, a neighbour of mine. Harold fought for this country during World War Two. He never complained. He’s never even asked for disability benefit, unlike so many able-bodied layabouts looking to get free money for nothing. Well Harold was too proud to ask but I decided he deserved some thanks from the country he had served, so I applied for disability benefit on his behalf. Do you know what they said? Go on, guess. They said, ‘Sorry, Mr Wilkins does not qualify for disability benefit because he is not registered as disabled.’

‘Welcome to Britain. A man who fought for his country and risked his life to preserve its sovereignty (for all that was worth) is told by some petty jobsworth that he isn’t entitled to disability benefit because he isn’t registered as disabled. Presumably if Harold were a gay Muslim Afghan asylum seeker they would be falling all over themselves to give him all the benefits he could spend on flat screen TVs and Nike Air Max trainers. But Harold is just a decent, humble British war hero. So why would anyone care about him?’

Richard Littlejohn’s comments were criticised by some Jewish organisations as ‘insensitive’ and ‘irrational, malicious hatemongering littered with non-sequiturs’. However one scientist has suggested a possible explanation for Littlejohn’s remarks. Professor Johnathan Davis of Bristol University believes he has discovered the reason for Richard Littlejohn’s apparent inability to comprehend basic human empathy. He explained his theory to us:

‘Have you seen that film where the guy nearly dies but then gets revived but because he temporarily died he lost his soul so he comes back without a soul and then kills his dog in his shed? Up until now it was the belief of science that the soul was merely a figment of superstition. However, more recently, advances in scientific understanding have shown us that the soul does indeed exist. Exciting new research has shown us that most people are in fact born with a soul. This explains the normal human feelings of empathy with the suffering of others.

‘However we have also discovered that through near-death experiences some individuals can lose their soul and that some rare individuals can actually be born without one. It is my belief that Richard Littlejohn is just such a person who was born without a soul. Proof of this can be derived from his columns where he displays a total lack of the most basic compassion for the suffering of other human beings, but to make it even simpler all you need to do is look at a photograph of him. Seriously, just try to look at a photo of Richard Littlejohn for thirty seconds without looking away. I guarantee you can’t do it. Every time I look at a picture of him my hairs stand on end and I feel physically ill. It’s like Ghostbusters 2 with the portrait of Vigo the Carpathian that radiates evil and affects anyone who looks at it. I heard he watched March of the Penguins and didn’t smile once. For Christ’s sake I didn’t even think that was possible.’

Richard Littlejohn

Known to eat their young

Professor Davis continues:

‘Actually have you seen that film, The Devil’s Advocate, with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino? There’s a scene where Charlize Theron, who plays Keanu’s wife, is shopping with some women who are actually vassals of Satan and as one of them puts on a top her face briefly changes into something grotesque and demonic. Well the same thing happened when I tried to look at a picture of Littlejohn. As I turned away, out of the corner of my eye, I saw his face contort into something infernal, changing into some horrific, monstrous image. I immediately looked back at the picture and it had returned to normal but I swear it happened. He’s toying with me, trying to make me think I’m losing my mind. Recently I’ve been hearing his voice whispering in my head, telling me to do terrible, unspeakable things. Please, God, help me.’

However, Professor Davis believes that Richard Littlejohn’s incapacity to experience normal human feeling warrants our sympathy, rather than derision, as he explained once he had calmed down:

‘Most ordinary, emotionally balanced people would dismiss Richard Littlejohn as simply being an odious, despicable, callous, hateful scumbag. A festering chancre on the rear end of journalism, and indeed humanity, or the journalistic equivalent of an impacted wisdom tooth if you prefer. However, I believe we should view him as suffering from a disability.

‘Now normal people like you and I are capable of empathising with the suffering of other human beings. It’s something we take for granted. Richard Littlejohn, however, lacks this basic aspect of humanity. It’s evident from his columns, whether he’s writing about victims of the Holocaust or describing the brutal murder of five women by an Ipswich serial killer as ‘no great loss’. We see a pattern emerging here. Firstly he prefaces his articles with clauses explaining how deeply he understands the tragedy of the group in question before subsequently demonising his subjects and essentially blaming them for the tragedy that they have suffered. I doubt anyone with half a brain could read Littlejohn pretending to understand how tragic the awful deaths of his subjects are and actually believe that he really means it.

‘He then goes on to characterise the normal human response to tragedy as being completely over the top and ridiculous. This is completely understandable if you are aware of Richard Littlejohn’s psychological makeup. It’s obvious to me that on some subconscious level Littlejohn is aware of how abnormal his inability to empathise with human suffering like ordinary people is. Obviously nobody wants to think of themselves as being an inhuman simulacrum masquerading as an actual human being. As a result, Littlejohn, as a psychological defence must ridicule all normal human empathy in order to legitimise his own inability to feel. It’s similar to how he constantly ridicules homosexuals as a defence against his own obviously intense urges to be physically intimate with other men.’

Professor Davis certainly makes some interesting points. However, despite the howls of some that Littlejohn’s comments might be politically incorrect, there are many more who will defend his right to freedom of speech and say that he is right to voice his opinion despite the culture of censorship by the liberal thought police of any opinion that isn’t considered ‘kosher’ by the left-wing establishment. Littlejohn may have his detractors but his arguments also have plenty of supporters, as I discovered when canvassing views from regulars at my local pub, The Farmer’s Daughter. Roger Pringle, 48, agreed wholeheartedly with Littlejohn, as he explained to me:

‘Well it’s true isn’t it? The Jews did kill Jesus. Of course that’s not something you’re going to hear about from your queer Jewish Bolshevik BBC. Or that Mossad were behind 9/11. Also, the Holocaust didn’t really happen.’

Indeed, even if we don’t agree with everything Richard Littlejohn says we should be thankful that there are still people like him willing to challenge the status quo of today’s politically correct ‘right on’ establishment. As Roger shows us, there are still a silent majority of Brits unwilling to kowtow to the tyrannical bullying of anyone who doesn’t agree with the official politically correct left-wing dogma that pervades our society. If anything Littlejohn has shown us that in today’s climate of fear where any innocent comment is immediately suspected of being ‘intolerant’ it is still possible for someone to voice their honest opinion, even if they are ultimately persecuted for that honesty.

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    Great work. Littlejohn really is a cunt.

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    Fair points, well made imo.

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  5. LeftWing
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    Littlejohn sets himself up as seeking to preserve the British way of life and the fucker lives in the USA most of the year. I agree with Jim Bergerac – Littlejohn really is a total cunt. The word might have been invented to describe him!

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