Outrage over Muslim cleric’s ‘not bothered’ royal wedding comments

Kate Middleton fashion

Sheer comes the bride: Normally we'd have to wait for her to get out of a car to get a picture of her knickers

Comments by a sernior Muslim cleric provoked outrage yesterday when Omar Rahman, 32, was heard to say he “wasn’t bothered” about the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Dorothy Eastwood, 58, overheard the comments while standing at a bus stop.

She relayed to us the events which some will say further demonstrate the failure of multiculturalism:

“Well. I was waiting at the bus stop and there were these two foreign-looking gentlemen there. Well normally that lot will talk in that funny language, so you can’t understand what they’re saying, but on this occasion they were speaking in proper English.

“The first one asked the other if he was going to be watching the royal wedding, and the other one said back to him – bold as brass – ‘Royal wedding? No I’m not really bothered about that…’

“Well, I couldn’t believe my ears. Will’s and Kate’s relationship is a modern day fairytale romance. How anyone could not share the joy I just don’t understand. Well I turned round and gave him a good piece of my mind.”

suicide bomber

Fanatic: A would-be martyr proudly displays his deadly explosive vest

Despite being confronted about his extremist views, Mr Rahman refused to apologise, and went further with his hate-filled rhetoric, as Mrs Eastwood explains:

“I told him to shut his stupid face, and instead of saying sorry do you know what he said? He said: ‘I just don’t see the relevance of a monarchy in a modern democratic society. It’s a bit anachronistic don’t you think?’

“I was flabbergasted. I told him: ‘I’ll give you anachronistic.’ Then gave him a good whack him with my handbag.”

Despite Mr Rahman’s aggressive belligerence towards a frail, elderly British grandmother, he appeared decidedly less bold when confronted by a group of reporters outside his home in Essex.

Changing his tune sharply, Mr Rahman pleaded: “Why are you doing this? I’ve not done anything wrong. My children are afraid to leave the house.”

Will & Kate Middleton

So in love: The happy couple as they are now...and how they might look under Sharia law

Despite Mr Rahman’s attempts to act evasively concerning his comments, many will see this as yet another case of extremists attempting to have their cake and eat it – abusing the freedom of speech their host country bestows on them whilst campaigning for sharia law which would ultimately undermine that very same freedom of speech.

Like a nice cake with a big bomb inside it. How ironic.

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    There’s only one party who can fix Britain now. You know who to vote for.

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    Deport them now!!

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    No wonder the dregs of the world all want to come to soft touch Britain

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