“Disgusting” council workers urinate while at work

council workers

Identifiable by loud attire and often poorly educated, street council workers decide to drag a large vehicle up a busy street

Disgusting council workers have been reported to:

• Urinate via their genitalia into toilets paid for by YOUR money.

• Deposit foul smelling excrement into council toilets daily.

• Perversely eat and drink food and liquids while at work.

Local council workers have been reported to take breaks at work of up to a length of ten minutes to expel foul liquids from their bodies, into so-called “toilets” while at work.

An insider told us: “Most use the toilets daily, some of them use them several times a day – it really makes me wonder who’s paying for all this?”

council workers

Money well spent? Council workers come under fire from angry British taxpayer

Council workers from lowly pen pushers to senior management have all been rumoured to grotesquely digest food and drink while at their desks, only in order to squeeze out the waste through horrible orifices.

“It’s bloody disgusting, don’t they realise that all those cups of tea and coffee have to go somewhere? I’ve seen some employees wolfing down a large plate of Curry in the canteen at lunchtime with wanton abandon, it really makes me sick,” said our source yesterday.

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3 comments on “Disgusting” council workers urinate while at work

  1. Sarah Peng
    / Reply

    one word – broken britain

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  2. penny smith
    / Reply

    this is literally disgusting.

    makes me sick.

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  3. Ric
    / Reply

    And this is what my taxes are spent on?


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