Skinny celeb!! Spotted looking skinny on holiday!

Skinny celeb 2

Skinny celeb looking skinny as she carries bag

Spotted on holiday after a reported crash-diet-gone-wrong following the axing of her latest series, the size zero actress and presenter cast a gaunt shadow over shocked holiday makers and onlookers alike.

Friends and family are reportedly “concerned” and “confused” at the latest pictures which show the former pop star reclining in a deckchair at the 5-star resort – possibly too weak to sit upright in the scorching sun – as well as getting into a taxi and carrying a bag.

Appearing frail and possibly about to buckle under the weight of the atmosphere, the much criticised mother of two was lambasted in the media in 2009 after gaining noticeable weight following the disintegration of her marriage to the former sports star.

Recent unconfirmed rumours she’s become addicted to a dangerous, cult-like 100 calorie a day diet began to circulate shortly after the pictures first surfaced.

Skinny celeb

Friends are concerned for skinny celeb

Speaking to The Shoe Horn from his practice in London’s Mayfair, Dr Rupert Parish, who’s seen many examples of people with eating disorders, was asked to comment on the newly published pictures.

Unwilling to draw any conclusions, the York-born general practitioner offered some unnerving analysis:

“Eating disorders can become major health problems for some people, including celebrities…”

We only hope the media’s seeming obsession with the much scrutinised single mother’s weight problems won’t lead to another rapid ballooning and hospitalisation as she rebounds from the criticism.

More news as it breaks.

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  1. Kerry from Leeds
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    Oh my. I hope she gets help. :(

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  2. Allan
    / Reply

    Hang in their… I sent an Angel to watch over you last night, but it came back… I asked, “Why?”… the Angel said: “Angels don’t watch over Angels!” i said “we do this one so get your butt back there!”

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