iPhone 5 to feature ‘Aural Reality’ and ‘Kubrick’ screen

iphone 5

The iPhone 5 will feature sophisticated voice recognition and a calibrated high-definition screen

After delaying launch until September, Apple have appeased anxious iPhone fans by releasing exclusive details of their new ‘Aural Reality’ system and ‘Kubrick’ screen to Japanese site, Macu-otaku (roughly translated: ‘Mac obsessive’).

Speaking to the East-Asian blog – which has become a semi-official news outlet for all things Apple – an inside source talks about the company’s vision with the next generation iPhone, and how these two new technologies aim to make iPhone 5 a ‘truly immersive’ experience.

First up is ‘Aural Reality’. According to the Apple insider, this is a multi-stage technology featuring a sophisticated sound recognition system which will respond to voice commands, and an enhanced sound reproduction system which expands the frequency range of the iPhone’s built-in speaker to a crystal clear 192khz.

Paraphrasing the Apple source, Macu-otaku claim the aim of ‘Aural Reality’ is to reproduce the sonic experience of having the person you’re talking to actually in the room with you.

Stanley Kubrick

The new iPhone screen's design is inspired by legendary director, Stanley Kubrick

The ‘Kubrick’ screen will come as a welcome announcement to iPhone 4 users who’ve been requesting greater clarity and more vivid colours from the already excellent iPhone 4 screen.

The new high definition screen displays a true 720p picture and comes custom calibrated by Stanley Kubrick cinematographer, Larry Smith – who worked with Kubrick on such films as The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.

There’s no news yet on whether iPhone 5 will feature improved memory or longer battery life, but it’s clear from this news that Apple is playing the long-game and investing in technologies which focus firmly – as Apple always have – on user experience.

The Apple iPhone 5 is set for Worldwide release in September.

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157 comments on iPhone 5 to feature ‘Aural Reality’ and ‘Kubrick’ screen

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  2. charles worthington
    / Reply

    So basically we’re getting a speaker which can reproduce frequencies 5x higher than adult human hearing and voice dial?

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  3. Darren O
    / Reply

    If it’s not got improved battery life I might only buy 1 this time around.

    Although Aural Reality sounds impressive, I don’t think it’s quite as revolutionary as they’re saying

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  4. sarah.c
    / Reply

    sounds AMAZING!

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