Lady Gaga to take break from music ‘to concentrate on wearing mad s**t’

Lady Gaga kermit

Hopping mad: Kermitting a fashion crime

Lady Gaga announced yesterday that she would be putting her singing career on hold in order to focus on her real passion: ‘Wearing mad s**t.’

Gaga, real name Stefani Gaga, stated on her blog:

‘Music has been and will always continue to be an important part of my life. However, for now I feel that in order to stay true to myself and to my little monsters [fans] I must focus my attention on what has always been my primary passion. That is to say, that from now on I intend to concentrate all of my creative focus on wearing mad s**t.’

Gaga first came to media attention with a performance in a small Manhattan club in which she wore an outfit made of live geckos.

Courting the press from day one, Gaga certainly wasn’t afraid of headline grabbing legal action from club owners, as she forced audience members to ingest live geckos and took repeated ‘toilet breaks’ to sneak a number of the lizards into prams stationed in the staff creche.

This is just one example of how Gaga relishes in shocking fans and critics alike, although some have suggested this may have put the pressure on to continually up the ante, citing her controversial decision to attend the MTV Music Awards wearing a dress made out of aborted foetuses.

Lady Gaga MTV

Dressed up like a dog's dinner

Defending her choice of attire to the press, she stated:

‘I am greatly saddened that so many people have completely misunderstood my intentions in wearing the dead baby outfit to the MTV awards.

‘What these people have failed to grasp is that the outfit was not intended for shock value but was making an important point. I wore those dead babies as a very clear protest against the fur industry.

‘So many people wear dead animals. I don’t understand how anyone could see this as anything except a protest against the fur industry. And also the meat industry.

‘Of course it wasn’t easy creating this outfit. Firstly we had to get the material, and it’s notoriously difficult to obtain viable foetuses without having to climb mountains of paperwork – I decided early on that the outfit should be made of Caucasian babies.

‘I call my creation “Children Should Bespoke and Not Heard” and also “One Hundred and One Deadorphans” [an awkward play on the Disney title, One Hundred and One Dalmatians]. Also the outfit makes a statement about gay marriage, although I’m not sure how exactly.’

The controversial artist certainly seems to know what she’s doing. Although many will question Gaga’s decision to turn her back on music – especially as her latest single Born This Way (Dramatically Altered by a Stylist) is riding high in the charts – nobody can be in any doubt about her ability to wear clothes and continue to delight and disturb everyone in the process.

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4 comments on Lady Gaga to take break from music ‘to concentrate on wearing mad s**t’

  1. penny smith
    / Reply

    i for one have never heard of her.

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  2. Terry from Plymouth
    / Reply

    Bring back hanging now!

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  3. Bryan
    / Reply

    When I started reading this I thought you were talking about my wife!

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  4. Elivelton
    / Reply

    I went to see Lady Gaga in april and let me tell you it was absolutely the most aznimag thing in my life. loved it. I went with my friend and we wanted to get dressed up so we wore dresses and heels. (we were sitting). I was surprised at how many people actually dressed up like lady gaga with the coke cans in the hair and the crime scene tape. I wouldn’t wear heels to a concert again unless they were very comfortable and i would think twice about wearing a dress. i’d say a nice pair of jeans, comfortable shoes with a colorful top topped off with lady gaga inspired make-up. If you dress too plain trust me you will stand out, everybody goes all out and gets dressed up. You are very lucky i’d do anything to see Lady GaGa again xx

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