Katie Price suing British media for lack of intrusion

Katie Price

Polymath Katie Price poses with book

In a legal first, troubled polymath, Katie Price, is reportedly attempting to sue the entire British media for an apparent lack of intrusion in recent months.

The surgically reclaimed multi-author Tweeted the threat yesterday evening, after what’s said to have been an unusually busy few days.

In a week which has seen the reality star hit by a bus, enter into violent feuds with Gillian McKeith, page 3 stunner Nicola T, One Show presenter Alex Jones, Lord Speaker Baroness Hayman and German physicist Christof Lichtenberg, discover mysterious prophetic writing on daughter Princess Tiaamii, foil a plot to hijack a space shuttle and get snatched from Jessica Simpson’s arms by a wild Jackal, a swathe of journalists have been (apparently) camped out at their own homes, with stories of the pouting flesh sock’s mixed fortunes failing to garner more than spare syllables in celeb-mag back-pages.

This isn’t the first time Price has suffered media complacency. In 2006, the gaunt equestrian endured whittling tabloid inches – she eventually recovered when her breasts were implicated in a plot to bring down an A380 airliner.

The narcotised mother of three is said to be feeling “distraught” and “isolated” in her family home, where even attempts to feign amnesia, decompression sickness and real-time alien abduction have failed to attract more than brief glances from house guests (including publicist Max Clifford).

The media are said to be largely ignoring Price’s threats.

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4 comments on Katie Price suing British media for lack of intrusion

  1. Sarah
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    Our wishes r with Katie during dees hard times

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  2. Michelle from Belfast
    / Reply

    I am pretty fond of WKD blue at the moment, but I asked for it in a restaurant last week and was abruptly told “we dont serve alcopops in here”

    fucking w@nkers

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  3. stu diablo
    / Reply

    are withcse our with

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  4. MaydayUndeduS
    / Reply

    Yes, I looked. On the one hand everything is beautiful, with all the other bad due to recent events.

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